Caleb Group is driven by a deep respect for the seniors who built our communities and nurtured new generations. You have earned this respect. Now, Caleb believes you deserve a comfortable home - one where you can enjoy an active, independent lifestyle and the company of your friends and family.

Mission Statement
To enrich the quality of life for seniors while preserving and providing a reasonable rate of return to our investors.
Our Commitments To:
- Providing a safe, healthful and secure living environment
- Instilling an ethic of superior personal service
- Respecting independence, privacy and individuality
- Cherishing the significance of faith, family and friends
- Providing creative programs to benefit physical, mental and emotional well being
- Communicating clearly defined goals, priorities and objectives
- Providing a safe and harassment-free work environment
-Providing an equitable compensation and benefit program
- Providing an atmosphere which encourages open communication, innovation, and individual initiatives
- Providing feedback on the level of performance achieved based on clearly defined key performance indicators
- Providing and encouraging opportunities for individual growth and development
- Practicing integrity in the work place and high ethical standards
- Ensuring that our operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner