CURRENT VISITOR RESTRICTIONS As of September 28, 2020 for Caleb Village in the following communities:

Humboldt, Kindersley, Melville, North Battleford, Tisdale – Saskatchewan

Caleb Villages in Saskatchewan are closed to visitors except for essential visitors (those providing care and comfort to residents).

See below for our current policy regarding Essential Visitors: 

  1. Each resident may have up to 3 persons registered as “Essential Visitors”. 

  1. Each resident may have 1 essential visitor visit at a time. 

  1. 2 people from the same household are considered 1 essential visitor, this includes children. 

  1. All visits must be pre-arranged – please call Caleb Village to book your visit. 

  1. All essential visits must take place in the resident’s room.  Essential visitors are not allowed in the common areas of the property. 

  1. All essential visitors must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer upon entry, and be screened for admittance into the property.   

  1. Essential visitors who have recently traveled outside of Canada will not be allowed to visit. 

  1. Children 3 and over must wear a mask.

  1. Thank you for your understanding of our efforts to maintain a “COVID-19” free environment for your loved ones. 

  1. If you have any questions please contact Caleb Village in your community. 

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